Sad Monday

Hey Kids,

A person I’ve known for many years passed this weekend to a sudden heart attack. The news hit hard this morning as people returned to work and got the news. It happened so sudden.

I won’t pretend that we were great friends or that had I not been told, it might be some time before our paths would have crossed in a way that I would have asked where he had gone, but it would’ve happened. And I would be just the same shocked and saddened as I am today.

Jon always made me smile when our paths did cross. He always bore a smile and if you spent any amount of time with him, you were blessed with a story of some sort. Or at least an encounter that became your story of Jon.

He was not young but he wasn’t old. It’s a reminder that life isn’t fair. It’s just life. One day you have it; the next day you might not.554925_254007258045735_1617470083_n

I don’t want to cheapen my thoughts today by spelling out the obvious lesson. But I will say, I’m hearing it in my head.


Day 42

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