You Tube U

I am one of those who belong to that new religion of Instant Pot.

I love watching Infomercials, especially for music collections and cooking devices. The pressure cooker show sold me completely and I put it on my goal list to add this device to my collection.

I may be gullible but I’m also really cheap. I hate to spend money, mostly because I generally have none to spend. It’s a great combination actually, cuts down on the clutter, but I recognized a good idea when I saw one.

The featured pressure cooker may have been great in principle, but was it the best one. It’s very important to get the best bang for the buck! After hours of searching, researching, watching videos, and watching eBay and Amazon, I finally settled on an 8 quart Instant Pot brand pressure cooker.

I didn’t realize until after my purchase that it had such a cult following, but its faithful brought a lot of information to the table. I could learn to cook anything. And I did. And I am continuing to grow as a member of this new religion.

Like in most belief systems, there would come a trial of my faith. Popcorn.

The videos made it look so simple. Put the oil in. Put the popcorn in. Start the movie and snuggle up on the couch with my sweetie and listen to her shower me with praise of how perfect the popcorn tasted. Alas, it didn’t work. I had way more not popped kernels than popped and a distinct burnt smell throughout the house.

Again I tried and failed.




Had I been duped? Back to YT university I went.

A hack they call it. A simple way to manipulate a device for a better result. There in the scriptures of visual revelation a video appeared in my search. I tried it. It worked. My wife loved me again, at least my popcorn anyway.

The solution was simple; put a quarter under the pot and over the temperature sensor. This little act attenuates the reading and leaves the heating element on for a longer period of time.

Is it safe? I’m sure. Is it recommended? Probably not. Did it work? Yes!

From car repairs, to conspiracy theories, to unlocking cooking secrets; I am a faithful student of You Tube University. I only wish they gave out degrees to put on my resume.

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