Open Door?

Hey Kids,

Today the door was opened and to both of our surprise, I was there. Delivering a card of birthday wishes, usually left at an unopened door, my knock was answered.

I saw the surprise fade into dread and then regret for not checking first who might be at the door. Your eyes sunk down, unwilling for the most part to take me in your sight. I understood, maybe more than you know.

But you were polite and spoke with me, answering my questions. I kept them vague and nonintrusive to encourage further dialogue. I savored your words, knowing they may be the last I ever hear. I only wish my words to you were of more value, but you were not there to see me and I dared not indulge.

I love you my son. I miss you. Thank for your kindness of decency, your wish of a good birthday to me, and your respect to give to me a little time.

I will treasure this moment. May it become lost, however, in a sea of others more welcomed in the future.


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