YouTube Snobbery

Hey Kids,

I’m not the most sophisticated guy by far. The things I don’t know outnumber the things that I do, by far.

Art. I really know nothing.

History. I can quote a few dates but nothing to impress.

Music. Unless it’s 80’s music, I’m pretty lacking.

But I know when I hear something that sounds substantial. Today I listened to part of Beethoven’s Symphony 9.

I didn’t know it was Beethoven. Other than the 5th, who of my ilk does? And it’s mostly because of the pop song from the 70’s. Look it up.

So today I saw this video, dug on the sound and found it odd that voices accompanied the orchestra. Apparently, this was a main accomplishment for its time. This accompaniment was the first time voices were used as part of the symphony. And not just any lyrics. The song is adapted from the poem Ode to Joy. I had never heard it before, but I had heard of it.

Armed with this little information, I rewatched the video.

I felt so smart, so informed, and so classically hip.

It’s amazing how YouTube and Wikipedia can make us all blueblood.


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