Hey Kids,

Every once in a while I have a good idea.

Most times I walk around in a complete stupor; void of direction, purpose, and unhelpful thoughts.

But a spark fires, the idea strikes, and I wonder how I ever did not know that thing that now appears so obvious. Epiphany is the word one uses to describe this sudden strike of brilliance.

Almost as often as these moments of brilliance occur I also like to show off that they happen. I wait for the right opportunity, and then spring my genius new idea onto my unsuspecting wife, sure to dazzle her and make her feel amazed to have had the good fortune to be within the glow of such world class savoir-faire.

To which she almost always says, “Yes, you already told me about that.”recycle

That’s when I realize that I had already had that idea before, but had never acted upon it. It doesn’t change the brilliance but it does rob me of showing off, at least any more than once.

This process of this reincarnation of good ideas is what I now call Repiphany.


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