On One Hand or Another

Hey Kids,

The news came out today that my football team, the Oakland Raiders, have received permission to move from the home cradle of Oakland, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. I have mixed feelings.

One one hand, Oakland is the Raiders and the Raiders are from Oakland. It just fits.

On the other hand, I moved. It’s not like I live in Oakland, attend Oakland games, or even contribute to Oakland economics. They have moved before too. I stayed a fan through it all.

On one hand, it’s a crappy thing to do to a loyal fan base.raiders

On the other hand, it’s Raider Nation. Not every team can claim such status. We’re not contained to a local area.

On one hand, the name “Oakland Raiders” has a ring to it. Maybe the Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas?

On the other hand, so does just plain “The Raiders.”

On one hand, it won’t make any difference to the players and coaches and play of the game. The actually team will still have to win games and the “where” you play has nothing to do with that.

On the other hand, it also doesn’t matter to me either. I still have to get up each morning and go to work. And even if they should win it all again one year, I will still need to go to work the next morning.

So whatever. Oakland, I feel for you; I feel betrayed as well. But Las Vegas is actually closer and easier to get to for me and with any luck, I might actually be able to go to a game one day.

Or not.


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