Shifting to Tomorrow

Hey Kids,

I’ve always loved cars.

My opinion has always been that the best cars were made in the decade of the 60’s, just like me. Big cars, big motors and lots of roar, it’s hard to pick out a bad 60’s car; Corvairs excepted.169_main_l

Although slower and robbed of power by the smog controls and 55 MPH speed limit, the Camaros and Trans Ams of the 70’s slid their way in my childhood and will always remain a heart favorite.

The 80’s brought back fuel injection and the 90’s introduced aerodynamics. And since the 2000’s, the cars have been getting more powerful each year, even to the point to rival the best the 60’s had to offer. And with stability in the corners, AC, and good estimated EPA gas mileage as well.

Hands down, the golden years and all around cars of cars were in the 60’s. Period. Technology aside, they had the power and styling that the car companies of today are still trying to recreate. Those cars were that good.

Now the talk is about electric and self-driving cars. Electric cars will erase all speed records of a fossil burner and self-driving cars will erase the need for a driver.

Being a fan of the loudest, fuel wasting-est, bulkiest cars available, it would be reasonable to assume that I am not at all OK with self-driving cars. That assumption would be wrong. I am in love with the idea. I will give up styling, power, exhaust noise and maybe even power windows if I can set the destination and sleep the rest of the way.

Get off at 5, set the heading and wake up at the beach the next morning? Yes. Sign me up.


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