Balls, On and Off the Court

Hey Kids,

I apologize ahead of time for this post. It’s just something that’s been bugging me and I have to get it out.

Along with a national trend, apparently, the University Hospital has been running an advertising campaign leading up to this past week and weekend. “It’s not March Madness; it’s Vas madness!”shamead

This is to encourage all those men who are on the fence about getting a vasectomy to finally do it and it just happens to coincide with the week with the first two rounds of the NCAA college basketball tournament. The encouragement comes in the fact that since you can’t move, walk, or entertain the lady; you might as well sit on the couch and watch basketball. All 48 games in 4 days.

If it so happens that you’re done having kids but haven’t got around to heading the boys off at the pass; it’s the perfect crime but it can only be a one shot deal. I mean if you need personal sterilization to get time off work and a weekend free from yardwork, you will only get away with it once.

Or you can state boldly to both boss and spouse, that you are not going to report to work, cut that lawn, or take out the trash. You stake your claim, express your desires, and hold to your dreams.

But then again if you can’t do that, you might not need the procedure anyway.


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