Changing the Future

Hey Kids,

Based on a recent Redbox movie watched today, I have to ask the question whether I would change anything in my life if I could see the future and the end result of those decisions.

With the big ticket items like marriage and such, I think it’s important to avoid any second guessing. With kids and all, there’s too many implications to mess up and things you don’t want erased.

Some smaller things, however, I would change.unwritten-rules

I would’ve never lent my bike to Pete who, in Southern France, forgot to lock up my beautiful Peugeot 18 speed bicycle yet returned the unused bike lock from his backpack.

I would’ve slowed down those few times I got caught speeding and jacked my insurance rates sky high for a few years.

I wouldn’t have bought that Datsun 510. I spent way too much money on it and never did get it running well enough to get it registered before it was finally stripped clean by thieves.

There’s a few girls I wish I had been brave enough to kiss that I didn’t.

That one night in Modesto. I should’ve just went home early. OK, maybe a couple of nights.

I’m sure I could go on and on as memory starts to serve up the many screw-ups of my life. But in actuality, every decision I’ve made, good or bad, has brought me to this point.

And I’m doing OK. I miss my kids so much it hurts daily, but it also gives me hope that one day it might change and gives me a good reason to try and be a better person if it does.

I can’t change a thing anyway and it really wouldn’t be worth it if I could.


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