Flooding is the New Drought

Hey Kids,

So last I heard, California was in a drought. The lakes were dry. The trickles of water flowing across dry cracked mud puddles passed as reservoirs.pc-140820-california-drought-01_df9e66504eb531798626153aae549f70-nbcnews-fp-1200-800

To my astonishment, when Google listed stories I might be interested in, the announcement of one of the bigger dams in Northern California is facing possible failure due to erosion on the spillway while trying to keep the water behind the dam from breaching the top.

Wait. What?

I don’t mean to get on those people who cried that we may just have to accept that this drought might never end; but if before the snow pack even has a chance to melt, we’re already worried we can’t hold it all- maybe someone didn’t know what they were talking about.920x920

Or maybe I might be in denial.




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