Take 3

Hey Kids,

2016 didn’t bring me an endless surplus of riches, but I did OK. I worked a second job the entire year. It did afford us some fun things and the ability to help a few of the kids.

Of course the job kept me from some other things. This blog especially. I can’t entirely lay all blame on the increased job hours on my neglect of my daily posts, but it provided me with enough reason to let it go.futile

It also allowed me to forget where my attention may have been better served.

I am a writer. But along with my daily blog went my daily writing, editing, and publishing. I was a writer that no longer wrote.

Steven Pressfield would call it surrendering to Resistance.

I had lost. Or more precisely, I’ve been losing.

I’m done losing.

I quit the job and I’m writing again.

I’m a writer.


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