Hey kids,

I know it’s been like six days since I last posted, but what a six days it has been.

I last wrote on Wednesday, after which I worked my over night job.Walmart-Logo-880x645

Thursday, I made dinner for the kids and Annette.mac and cheese

Friday I went to a little diner with Annette where we sipped sweet tea and discussed and caught up on each other’s lives and jobs. sweet teaEnded up getting a little less than two hours sleep before the Friday over night.Walmart-Logo-880x645

Saturday, got home in the AM, took a quick half hour nap and went to a play.Big-river The play was adapted from Mark Twain’s Huck Finn so I couldn’t miss it. ice creamHad some Ice cream afterwards and then got my sugar crash and two hours sleep before the overnight gig. Walmart-Logo-880x645

Sunday meant Uinta mountain kayaks and a little bit of fishing. lake

Overnight, with three hours sleep.Walmart-Logo-880x645

Monday, at last, it was a holiday and I got some sleep before feeding the tribe and attending a Johnny Cash tribute concert.johnny cash

I apologize that I didn’t slip a blog post or two in between.

Life sometimes comes at you fast; you just have to live it and enjoy.


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