It’s Alive!

Hey kids,

My big party is set for Sunday, so today which is the actual date anniversary of my date of birth I did a few more practical things.

First- Hit the gym. A work out first thing in the morning got the day off on the active side.

Second- Made some delicious oatmeal for breakfast in our Kuerig machine. That’s right, the coffee maker. No I dont drink coffee but these coffee makers aren;t just for coffee anymore.

Third- Took my baby to work. I’m sorry she couldn’t stay home with me but I’m not the one who makes up the rules.

Fourth- Picked up the jack and tools from storage.

Fifth- pulled the wheel from the Suzuki.

Sixth- Had the local MC shop change the tire on the rim.

Seventh- re-installed the front wheel and tire.

Eighth- Fixed the rear blinker wire on same Suzuki.


The Suzuki is back in business.

Ninth- Drove to DMV and registered the bike (i.e. paid them their money).

Tenth- Renewed my Driver’s license. (i.e. paid them more money)

Eleventh- hit the bank and paid my bike (Yamaha) payment.

Twelfth- drop a card off to my son who also has a birthday today.

Thirteenth- had dinner with my dear wife and my brother.

Fourteenth- Installed the tags on the Suzuki and took it for a sunset test drive. (It was once dead, but now it is alive… fatted calf and all that.

Fifteenth- Wrote a blog to chronicle it all. The first of at least one year straight- a new goal.

Sixteenth- (set in the future) went to bed.

The first day of my 51st  year was a busy one.


Post # 50-1

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