Life After Death

Hey kids,

Last night I reported on the death of my laptop. It may have been slightly exaggerated.

The screen is broke and the touch screen is still wacked out but life clung to the micro circuits.

My back up computer proved to be too slow to become updated, so I fought with the erratic screen to little avail. But then an old joke flashed through my stained brain.

“Doctor, my arm hurts when I move it like this.”

“Then don’t move it like that.”compangel

<<Rim shot>>

Everything appeared to work, except the touch screen.

So I disabled the touch screen.


Fully functional traditional laptop. Old school.

And then to top it all off, I check the receipt to see how long I’ve had this machine. The date said January 2015, but more importantly I noticed the line item labeled Extended Warranty on the invoice.


I forgot, I paid for the second year of warranty which covers accidents. I might be covered after all.

Dead is not always fatal.


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