The Sun Doesn’t Lie

Hey Kids,

It’s cold out there; currently around 10°F and yet the sun shone brightly today.melting

The climatic mixed message is because storm systems in the West are drawing cold air from the north and cooling us down and at the same time clearing the skies of clouds. It appeared to be a mid-winter day.

Walking outside today, however, I could feel the sun’s warmth on my face. It wasn’t enough to turn the tide of the cold air nor could I convince anyone that it made any difference at all, but I felt it.

That feeling means that winter has lost its grip and that the sun has come near enough to announce its presence, even if only faintly. Once the air is no longer drawn in, and if the sun is left to its own, it will start to heat the ground and melt the snow.

I’m not sure what the groundhog had to say the other day, but I know that winter is on a short leash. Spring and then summer are on their way.


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