There is no Fat Lady

Hey Kids,

The goal was to post every day. I failed.

I admit the failure but refuse to call it defeat. I had lost the battle a week ago and changed the post label from “day” to “post”. But today I openly admit it. The thing to do is to start again. And so I have.

Work has me on the ropes right now. Between the day job and the overnight job, my 49-year-old body is showing signs of weakness. I’m tired and the main casualty has been my writing.

In addition to the problems with the writing of the blog, any real progress on the second Porter Rockwell has halted, as well as work on my other projects. I am very frustrated right now. My day job has become a no-win situation and the night job is insanely idiotic in its managerial approach. Neither of these things are new developments, but I have allowed them to derail my goals.

Like my daily blog posts, the trick is not to accept defeat. Instead, it’s time for a reboot. Pick up where I stopped and restart.super-hero

The Porter Book needs some heavy rewriting. I have learned from the past that surges and marathons are not the answer. Consistent, daily effort wins out every time. Like the blog, it takes time each day, and that time has to be dedicated or it doesn’t happen.

The other projects need consistent effort as well. Maybe not daily effort, but something of a weekly quota.

Post 336 is a reboot. I hope to make at least another 336 before I need another.



Post 336

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