Hey Kids,

I’m taking some time to watch a little football while working on a few projects.

The speed of the game, the complexity of the strategy, and the refined talent of the players, have all transformed this game to a wonder of the human ability. It’s silly to try to compare the teams of the seventies, eighties, or any year other than the current year to the current year’s version of the game. It all speeds up, changes, and players get physically better each year.showboat

What’s also silly is the posturing.

After near any play, the player who gained the advantage acts out some sort of victory dance of dominance. A blocked pass, a sack, a first down; it doesn’t matter. A show will be on display.

There have always been some sort of in-your-face display, but in the past they seemed more reserved or more reserved for actual important plays.

It might not be fair, like the game, to compare yesteryear to today. Players today are running a personal business and building a brand. TV and ESPN Sports Center time is the thing that can push a career and the earnings that go with it. Perhaps it’s necessary to make sure it’s clear who made that last play and get the 15 seconds of dedicated airplay.

As a consumer, however, I could do with a little bit less. But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time I went Old School.


Day 314

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