Overtime Shopping

Hey Kids,

I never quite understood the day after Christmas shopping.

People are actually out shopping for deals. Yeah, deals. And this tday-after-christmas-sale-jss2tldaime for themselves, not to give away as gifts.

It’s not enough to have just finished the biggest segment of the retail year. Before the spoilage of the Christmas shopping is yet to ripen, these shoppers are out to wreck more carnage on the Retail Front.

I’m a capitalist. I believe in the market economy. I’ll defend it as the best system to sustain a people and their ideals, although, I walk down the aisles of the store where I trade my soul for lucre, and I look at the tons of crap that hang on the displays for sale. I know that every one of those items will be picked up and bought at some time. Useless junk that for some reason we believe is worth the money for which we worked hard.

I’m cheap. I hang onto my clothes longer than they can hang onto me, I wear shoes down until the sole has not only worn out its soul and lost its tread but begins to show sock. And yet I end up buying stupid stuff all the time because it’s there. I’m not above the marketing gurus that know how to get me to spend my money when I think I don’t want to.

I, however, have yet to feel the need to go non-grocery store shopping the day after Christmas for the thing that everyone else failed to buy for me. The deep discounts on the clearance Christmas chocolate, I confess, do tempt me so.


Day 306

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