Graveyard Time Dimension

Hey Kids,

Is it today or yesterday?

Working graveyard shifts, what day to call the day you’re on isn’t as easy as you might think.

I started yesterday, but I’m still at work and when I leave, is it then tomorrow? Or is it today? Yet I finished yesterday’s shift.

When we leave, we can’t say “see you tomorrow” like normal shift people. Or even swing shift people. Our next shift is today, later today, and usually after having some shut-eye, which is what people usually do when the days transition and should feel like tomorrow. Instead you say, “see you later” or “see you tonight”.

What’s weird is that I don’t see these people any more than the people on my day job, but it feels like I work with these people two times a day, which is how often people usually see their familes.

I guess there’s a reason why people say Graveyard messes with your head. You never really belong to either today or tomorrow, and yet you experience them together every day, err, night.


Day 303

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