A Little Peek

Hey Kids,

Tonight, here’s a very short excerpt from one of the short stories I wrote during November. It was a fun story to write. Enjoy.old_west_city_street300

“Dead Cold”

It took two days to get there. I did not sleep and I did not eat. The memories of the gun shot, the blow to the back of my head, my dead horse, and my stolen gold consumed any thoughts of stopping. Had they been satisfied with a simple hold-up, I would’ve given up the gold without much fight. I know things don’t work like that out here, but I would’ve done it. I’m a coward like that, at least I was. They purged those feelings and rage now filled that space. Hate surrounded it. It was not hard to keep walking. The cold had ceased to exist, my body burned hot, as if fueled by the fires of hell.

The sight of the town first came into view around mid-day of the second day, yet another ten hours would pass before my feet first crossed into its boundary.

I could practically smell them. Like a predator in pursuit of its prey, I knew what they would do before they did. I felt no rush. They felt comfortable, safe. They did not know the wolf was at the door.



Day 289

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