The Gospel of Christmas Music

Hey Kids,

We attended a Christmas concert tonight by a musical group call The Lower Lights.lowerlights

The group collects together a number of musicians and singers who have their own music careers and endeavors; about twenty of them, and they produce a series of performances that feature the wide array and harmonization of their talent, mixed with some old time gospel sounds, Christmas carols, and personalized renditions of each. They are remarkable.

For me, being the second year that I have attended one of their shows, it also wakes up a part of me that spends most of the time asleep- the thought of how life seems more beautiful when acknowledging a loving God.

I have my questions and I have my doubts. But in the end, I want all that I believe to be true. I find comfort in trusting a higher purpose to guide me quietly to the things that are best for me. I hope that there is redemption for mistakes made along the way, and I love to think that this world, this big beautiful world, was created for my use.

I won’t say that my life has no meaning if, by chance, there is no God, no Jesus, and no eternal life; but the songs that praise those thoughts and possibilities feel good. I feel a stirring within that does not come from other concepts. I find peace in them. I find hope.

I’m not so sure why I stray away from these good feelings for large periods of time; it makes no sense really. But I do enjoy the homecomings, and the concert tonight brought me there again.

It’s good religion. Good old fashion, Praise Jesus, religion. And it does my soul good.

Thanks guys and gals of The Lower Lights. I’ll see you again next year.



Day 288

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