You Get One Shot

Hey Kids,

Thanksgiving 2015.

Turkey is a wonderful meal. Who in their right mind would think that such a unsightly bird would taste so good? Who took the first try? As difficult as it is to cook a turkey, yet knowing how it can be, how many tries did it take to figure out it was good?

If I try something once and it doesn’t take taste good, I’m not trying it again.

The odds that someone cooked turkey right the first time seems too unlikely. My hat’s off to whoever had the vision and kept trying.

There’s a danger in first impressions. If I have a good experience in some place or product, I’ll keep coming back, even if I end up having a bad experience later. That first experience, in my mind is the norm and if I suffer through an occasional low, it’ll work itself back out.

However, if I have an initial bad experience, the chances are that I won’t give it a second try. How many things have I denied myself just because my first experience was bad? 

I feel it’s important to keep in mind that others might judge in the same way but it might be me that is the new experience. Would I be one and done or always have the benefit of the doubt? 

Make any first impression a good one; it’s the only way to garner future engagement.


NaNoWriMo: 38,801/50,000

Day 276

3 thoughts on “You Get One Shot

  1. When my mother used to experiment with recipes, my father would tell me to take 3 bites before I said anything. As you note, first impressions can be deceiving – I learned to eat quite a variety because of that tip!!

    (but I don’t know about this guy ___

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