The Day Before the Day After

Hey Kids,

Today was the day after.

Actually tomorrow will be the true day after but today felt like it for most of us at the zoo.

Er, site visit.

Er, site visit.

The past several days, we’ve been visited by our professional accreditation group. They come, they ask questions, write notes, and evaluate our ability to do our jobs, at least on the facility level. They call it a site visit instead of an inspection, but it feels more like the later.

It’s a grueling task to prepare for it and an anxious few days while they tour around.

The visitors were still around today but mostly with administration people, so for us normal people it felt like they had moved on.

We’ll know tomorrow morning whether their impression was a good one, or if we can expect to do a lot more work to correct any deficiencies.

And with a sigh of relief, it’s over.

NaNoWriMo: 19,317/50,000

Day 262

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