Cats on Duty

Hey Kids,

To get home I pass through an affluent neighborhood of Salt Lake City.

Usually there aren’t very many people out, if any at all. It’s a nice quiet drive and so long as I watch my speed, I can pass in peace.

Today, things turned a little different.

I pulled off of campus from one of the few outlets and entered this neighborhood. The road takes a tight left and down a small hill. It’s a weird turn and it takes all of my attention to make the turn, watch for opposing traffic and remain upright. I did notice two little girls hanging out around the street sign to my left. Young girls, maybe 7 or 8, II kept them in my periphery, afraid they might dart out into the street. They didn’t.il_570xN.265363993

As the bike set back up straight, I was able to take a better look at these two girls and noticed they were dressed as cats. Their faces bore whiskers drawn across their cheeks and black velvet ears showed obvious against their blond hair.

I looked a little too long apparently, as one of these cute little girls let out a hiss and the other made a clawing motion.

It made me laugh and the thought of those two girls, hissing and fussing at the big guy on the motorcycle and any other vehicle that passed by this afternoon, reminded me of a quote:

Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.

I hope they never grow up.


Day 249

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