Wedding Vows

Hey Kids,

Wedding Vows.

The promises you make when deciding to share a life with someone else.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t remember exactly what it was that I agreed to the first time around. I know I agreed to them at the time, that they weren’t anything I intended to ignore, and I don’t know if Mike-then could’ve come up with anything better than what was offered.

But this go around is a different story. ipromise

Getting this marriage right is absolutely necessary.

After seen one relationship have its wheels fall off and disintegrate before my eyes, I never want to experience that again. It was awful and I nearly lost everything. And I mean everything.

Although not the only one to blame, I see my part in all of it. I’ve sat in judgment of myself and took note of the deficiencies.

So this time, I’ll write my own vows. I’ll make the promises I know and understand are important.

They’ll come from the ashes.

They’ll come from a new wisdom.

They’ll come from my heart.

And what comes from the heart, I dare not put asunder.

I promise.


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