Find the Special

Hey Kids,

You can always find a way to do something special.

It takes a little effort at times, but it’s possible.

My sweetie and I have been putting the final touches on our upcoming wedding this weekend. It’s not the first time for either of us so the plans aren’t as elaborate this go around. Most of the details, not including the vows, are all worked out.

The idea of getting married sprang up quickly; we had no intentions of squeezing it in before our road trip later on this month. It became the right thing to do at the right time and the plans simply started happening.

This afternoon, I got home early and started the Spaghetti sauce simmering. When my baby finally escaped her place of employment, the bowtie pasta boiled away on the stovetop. She took her quick bath and as soon as she was out and ready for dinner, I stopped her in the bedroom and said I had an important question to ask.

She looked very nervous, wondering what could be so urgent to make her wait for the delicious (if I say so myself) dinner waiting for her in the other room.

I dropped to one knee, whipped out the ring that she didn’t know I picked up on the way home, opened the lid reveling the ring angled towards her, and asked,

“Will you marry me?”Proposal

She was surprised.

And very pleased.

The proposal had been just a given and neither of us appeared to think of it as needed. If thought of at all.

Luckily she said yes and our wedding plans and dinner continued.

I didn’t have to do it, we both knew it’s what we both wanted. We’re pretty happy with each other and the lives we are sharing. The wedding is turning out to be exactly how we wanted it: simple, with close friends and family, and in the mountains.

But I didn’t want her to get married without ever being asked if she wanted to. Officially.

Other than the price of the ring, it cost me nothing and the happy look on her face was priceless.

Do something special for someone, even if it’s something simple.

Everyone deserves to feel special every once in a while.


Day 219

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