Modern Moonshine Run

Hey Kids,

Have you ever been illegal?

Like hiding from the cops, illegal? It’s a thrill.

I’m not, however recommending it.150213_police_lights12

I’ve had to actually run from the cops four times in my life. Twice on foot and twice in a car.

But those are stories to be share another time; and again I don’t recommend it.

Currently I have, let’s say, extended tags on one of the bikes. I’ll still ride it on occasion to work and when I do, it feels like I’m embarking on a moonshine run and the cops are out to get me.

On my runs, I’ve learned a few things but I offer no guarantee that they work. And again, I do not recommend their use.

Most importantly, you have to keep an eye out at all times. Avoid suspicious driving habits- not too fast and not too slow. An escape route is to be always on your mind. Like sharks on the hunt, they’ll stalk you from behind. So you have to keep an eye on the mirrors and when you see one, get out of their line of sight.

As soon as you see a light rack lurking behind you in the traffic, turn. Don’t leave it to fate whether they’ll catch up to you- they will. And never trust the car behind you to run blockage; they won’t. No one likes a cop on their tail and they will turn or change lanes on you.

Remember, a turn made too sudden turn catches attention. Changing lanes in an illogical way can also draw a curious eye.

Right turns are best. It gives you the most options. Left turns can leave you stranded in the intersection in clear eye shot. Don’t do them unless you have no choice.

Look for a parking lot and park as soon as possible and as close to the store as you can. Don’t leave your foot on the brake- there’s no reason to signal where you just ditched. Don’t worry about going into the place of business as part of your cover. If the cop is looking for you at this point, he’s already got you.

The illegal run can add real excitement and enjoyment to the morning and afternoon commute. However if caught, the fine can ruin all of it.

In fact and on second thought, maybe it’s best to pay the registration and simply enjoy the ride.


Day 210

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