Hey Kids,

The French aircraft manufacturer Airbus has apparently filed a patient for technology that will reduce the flight time from London to New York to about an hour, hardly enough to pass out peanuts and serve drinks.airbus_patent_fig15

The recently released specs on this new plane shows that the speed will come from a combination of three different engines allowing the plane to reach 3000 MPH. At that speed, it doesn’t take much imagination to envision the world a much smaller place than it has already become.

In comparison, the space probe that recently passed Pluto and captured our imagination was moving at 35,000 MPH. However, other than shots around planets the size of Jupiter, it would never be expected to turn or ever land.

In the other extreme, in the time it would take the new Airbus aircraft to make the Trans-Atlantic flight, I would still be in line at the check-out at Walmart.


Day 162

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