Beach Holiday

Hey Kids,

For whatever reason, July 31st looks like a date that should be a Holiday. It’s been a week since

Bear Lake, Utah

Bear Lake, Utah

the last one in Utah and a few weeks since everyone in the country had one, so why not? We went to the lake.

Bear Lake, that is. The lake that shares residency in Utah and Idaho.

It’s a big deep, very blue lake.

We took up our celebration on the south end beach. And I made the flowing observations of curiosity:

1) Sand sucks. But it’s better than mud or rocks for a beach but it sticks to everything, it adds itself to sun block and sandwiches, and it comes home with you.

2) Maybe it just me, and I know we call them swimming suits, but being on the beach is like showing up to a public event where everyone shows up in their underwear.

3) The games played. I would think games would be water related, but many are not. Frisbee would be better on a lawn and bean bag toss would be better in the living room. There were even floating trampolines people rented to jump on. On, not from. I failed to see the point.

4) We all know we’re getting sun burned, and yet we do it anyway. People’s solar-virgin skin carelessly exposed as if offered as sacrifice or daring the gods to punish for it, or maybe it’s a rite of passage; a self-inflicted, dermal endurance test just because we can. How many times do you get to run around in public in your underwear? Make it count.

5) Everyone packs like 10X the food they need. You would think with all the extra sand being consumed, less food would be needed.

This list is not all inclusive, but enough. Not saying they’re wrong, just curious.


Day 158

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