Before it’s gone

Hey Kids,

The age of information is here.

I find everyday more things to learn than I can possibly consume. Sometimes I feel my shaved head is going to burst.

And it’s not just new information either. I am in constant awe of how much I have forgotten from the past when confronted with what I think is a rerun.

Working at my desk, putting numbers into boxes, I listen to documentaries of subjects ranging from anything to everything. This I have shared before.

Gotta love the History Channel

Gotta love the History Channel

Today I listened to ancient bible history and the search for archeological finds that can prove or disprove accounts in the bible. Their findings proved nothing but showed some things likely to be true and some things unlikely to be true. Neither is of much use to me but to make me think.

What actually amazed me beyond the fascinating history was how much I’ve forgotten about my Bible reading. Especially from the Old Testament. What amazed me even more is that the Old Testament is my favorite reading. Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve read.

The story culminated in the recounting of the tale of how Judaism we know today did not come from the traditions practiced during the Kingdom of Israel, but instead emerged from the time of the exile and brought back with the few that returned.

The teachings meant so little to them while in the Promised Land that God had to carry the people away before they learned their importance. While suffering in a strange land, the people questioned, searched, and recalled who they were.

Religious implications aside, I am guilty of this myself.

It is not always the blessings, or good times, that make us strong, ask questions, and grow; but instead, it is when those blessings are absent and times are tough we tend to look inside and decide what is of true value.

We should question always. In good and bad times. Waste not the good times but enjoy them with a keen awareness from where and how the good times roll. Also, waste not the bad times but use them to whittle away the non-essential and find again where the blessings might await.

Tonight we ate out, cheap. We laughed, we talked, and we raised our $2 chocolate shakes to living and loving.

Times are tough, but God is good.


Day 148

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