To Pluto and Back With a Few Stops.

Hey Kids,


Pluto July 13th 2015.

We reached Pluto today. We, as in our little probe droid we hurled out to space in 2006. We now await pictures of all kid’s favorite planet, next to Uranus. And yeah, I said it. Planet. I’m with Captain Picard. No matter what you say to me, there are 9 planets and 4 lights. Resistance is not fu-tile.

I’m watching a thunderstorm roll in with its lightning and all. One of the best things about the hot summer nights. I hope it’s a big one. The other day we got .99” of rain. More than our average rainfall for the entire month of July. We normally get about 14” of rain in a year so 1” in a night= big deal. Hence the blog mention.

Came home to a notice from the power company. They want some money or no more power. They’re so demanding. I quote King Theoden from The Lord of the Rings. “How did it ever come down to this?” I guess I’ll pay them tomorrow. Something anyway.

Snap Chat is pretty fun. My “handle”, User name” or whatever is writerfish. Look me up. I’m spending all my time talking to myself right now. I need some friends.

Apparently tonight is random thought night.

I’ve been playing and learning video editing lately. I feel so Hollywood. I wish I was good at it, but I’m good enough to get a crappy job done. Hope I never lose my day job. But then again, I would love to lose my day job, but only for more money elsewhere.

Enough rambling tonight. I think I need to get back to work. I need to finish this book I’m working on; its taking way too much time. Maybe my grandkids can finish it for me. I have another Christmas book that needs to get finished too, and hopefully before Valentine’s Day.

Have a great night and thanks for sitting up with me.


Day 141

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