Independence Day

Hey Kids,

Independence Day.

July 4, 1776. The date atop the letter to King George explaining that the colonies had had enough and needed to break free.tattered-american-flag

The language of the Declaration of Independence states that when enough wrongs have been suffered, it is the not just the right but the duty to do whatever is needed to end such wrongs.

It takes a lot of courage to take a stand like they did and in that case, a stand against arguably the most powerful force of the day. Afterwards a war had to be fought and an entirely new government agreed upon and established. Otherwise the declaration would have been simply words.

Their reward was a new nation, from which we have all benefitted in some way or another.

Declaring your own freedoms is a huge step forward. But know that afterwards, the realization of your declarations comes the real work, the hard work, and possibly the fight of your life. If it’s spawned out of need, or duty to oneself; the benefits may be more than we could imagine.

Today for my own freedom, I fired up the Yamaha and went on an 8 hour road trip. It liberated me from the house, the need to watch fireworks, and didn’t include eating hot dogs. A personal Declaration of Independence. But that really wasn’t what I was talking about.

Ignore that last part.


Day 131

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