Love at Next Sight

Hey Kids,

I fell in love today.

My new love?

Huntsville, Utah.4th-of-july-at-texas

In the midst of a Hell’s Hot Saturday, we decided to hop on the bike and head up into the middle of the mountains to the little town in the middle of a lake (on a peninsula). And in the middle of this town is a restaurant that sells pieces of heaven called Texas Barbeque (speaking of Hell’s Hot) in the middle of tall shade trees, large lawns, and historic buildings.

IMG_20150627_132229We sat outside under the tall shade trees, systematically trying every part of our Texas Sampler. The heat of the day disappeared with the cool breezes weaving their way to our table. We thought it couldn’t get any better. Then,

The store next store sells shakes. Need I really explain anything beyond that?

Huntsville is my new favorite place.


I’ve been before. But every time I go there, it’s like I fall in love all over again.

And I’m sure I will again.


Day 124

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