It’s On You

Hey Kids,

It’s on you.

They’re your dreams. No one really cares, at least not enough to do the actual work it takes for them to come true. They shouldn’t. They have their own. Want your dreams to be realized? It’s on you.

Some people will encourage you; the people who really care about you. They’ll hope you succeed. They’ll want you to succeed. They’ll do what they can, when they can. You can count on their support but they can’t do the work for you. It’s on you.

Some people will listen to you. They’re all talk. They’ll wish you well but give no allowance or you to succeed. In fact, they can hinder you. They’ll never consider the time you need to work essential and will interrupt at their convenience. They might ask for credentials of progress, asking for statistics, especially when the progress is obviously slow and painful. Statistics is for comparing. The work is not statistics. Dreams are not made by comparing. These people can’t help you but. It’s on you.

Some people will root against you. Some will be open about it, most are not. They will tell you discouraging information, tell you how hard your dreams are to accomplish. They’ll try to tell you it’s OK to quit, at least you tried. Screw ‘em. You need to avoid these people. Even if they’re family. You don’t need them. You don’t want them. And by all means, don’t listen to them. But still, It’s on you.

Dream. Dream big. No reason to keep it small. Dream for the stars.

Now, do the work.

It’s on you.


Day 120

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