Freely Walking

Hey Kids,

Walking in step is something in which I have always had my struggles.

It’s not that I don’t want to, at times I desperately long for that ability, but I just can’t.

I was raised in a belief system that requires line-stepping, but I was also raised with a core belief that nothing is more valuable than individual freedom.image9

I have always lived in the city, but always surrounded by and drawn to wide open spaces.

I’ve always had a job that paid by the hour, yet always been empowered and expected to think on my feet, to improvise, and to “make it work”.

I’m a blue collar man working within a white collar institution.

I’ve led my crews by allowing my staff to show me the better ways.

Alas, I feel like I have finally been trapped in the corner I feared.

Do I now forcibly walk in step? Or do I defend my individualism?

I already know what way my spirit will demand.

I pray I have the strength to know and do what’s right for all.


Day 119

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