Be You

Hey Kids,

Be yourself.

Isn’t it funny that we have to be reminded to do this?

In an age of the growth and complete immersion of Social Media, I would think we can be nothing but ourselves. Yet many people still struggle with this, myself included. Always wondering what I should edit, what might scare people away.

Granted, I think it’s OK to say a few less bad words when writing. But it’s not OK to be something you’re not. Or to be mean. Or to exaggerate to make yourself look better, more important, or sexy.

I think I’m a little more of a smart ass than I come across on this blog. But it’s hard to be a smart-ass to yourself. You need someone saying dumb things. Um, well, I mean someone else saying dumb things; and then you can be a smart-ass in response.

I think I am myself. I maybe not the first to air all my sins but I’ll get to them and admit them if you ask. (Not an invitation to ask about my sins.)

Mark Twain said that when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said. When you lie, you best keep an account of what you claimed. I have a terrible memory.

Sometimes I think. Sometimes it hurts.

Sometimes I think. Sometimes it hurts.

I’m just a guy. I write. I don’t sell a ton of books but a few. I still have a day job, some might say a career. Been there for 23 years but I hope to leave before the gold watch is shackled to me. This is too exciting of a time to stick to a real job. But then again, I do enjoy being paid. Oh, the trials of a social revolution!

Anyway, be yourself. Don’t fake anything and nothing will be fake. It’s OK not to be a rock star and to be a rock star in training. Or a Pre-published author, or a perfecting musician, or … You get the picture.

Be true.


Day 86

2 thoughts on “Be You

  1. I suddenly have the urge to say ” Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him”… But I won’t 🙂

    Sometimes it’s hard to be yourself and it’s easier to express yourself as an alter ego. I guess it gives you courage.

    It’s true though. People will soon pick a fake. Its much better to be yourself and scare some people off than be something you’re not and lose everyones respect.

    Good post

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