Hey Kids,


That’s the year I graduated from high school. To most others it’s the title of a book.

The term Big Brother? That’s where that term came from. Check it out it’s a good book.

I remember learning about 1984 sometime around 1980. A teacher explained to us all how close the book was to how it was and within the next four years, she feared we would be living in that world.

Not exactly. The 1980’s turned out to be nothing like 1984. I know some people are going to say different; but no, the world of Winston Smith was nothing like the world I knew leaving High School. Or even today.4c61d4a15e78164dc9ce5fe53750e28f6d4c9ec6

1984 is also the name of a Van Halen album. The last one with David Lee Roth as the lead singer or band member. Personally, I liked Sammy Hagar a little better anyway, but “1984” is an incredible album, one that changed the direction of Van Halen and rock music really. The song “Hot for Teacher” alone is worth the listen.

The 1984 Olympics. Remember that runaway? With the Eastern Bloc countries boycotting, the USA, In LA, won a lot of medals. McDonald’s nearly went broke with just the free stuff I won from the promotion they ran. Big Mac for a Gold, fries for a Silver and a drink for a Bronze. I spent an entire weekend at Santa Cruz feeding off the winnings of Team USA. I still feel sorry, however, for Mary Decker. But how about that Michael Jordan kid!

1984 was a big year. The launch of Apple Macintosh for one. But it was only a year. It came and went. No Party take over. No new world order. No Walter Mondale. And no societal crash.

2015 is another year. What will be historic about it? Only history in the future(?) will tell. The trick is just to live it. Take things as they come and know that one day there will be something of today we will look back with fond memories.

Nobody really knows what’s coming. No body.

So, Relax. (Don’t do it).


Day 84

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