Birthday- Choose Your Flavor

Hey Kids,

About a year ago, a family member gave me my first Sourdough start, something I’ve had the idea of doing for a number of years. Thus began a learning curve.

Sourdough is not a bread. It is a process to make bread products. Before packaged yeast, this is how it was done. It has a distinctive flavor but how strong that flavor is manifested depends on how you use the process.

The process and use of Sourdough also has a cult following. People spout off hard and fast rules of how to feed it, how to use it, how to store it. Pride is taken in the age of your start.

Starter Gone Wild!

Starter Gone Wild!

Starter is placed in a fridge or container in the kitchen and fed and kept “alive”. Some people insist you name it. Some insist you treat it like a pet.

As I delved into the Sourdough world, I have been finding that there are pieces of truth within the rules but a lot of Hooey is also added.

Here’s some things I’ve learn and adopted into my personal Sourdough Religion:

Age of the start doesn’t really matter. 10 years. 30 Years. Or even my started that can be traced back 50 years. It just matters that you feed it. How you feed it makes a difference.

It’s not better than yeast. In fact, yeast is faster and more consistent. Sourdough is a process that creates its own characteristics. I love the flavor, and that’s why I do it.

It doesn’t have to be sour. How you feed it seems to be what changes the flavor. If you want sour- make it sour. If you don’t want it not sour, make it not sour.

It’s kind of hard to kill. I heard how you have to be so careful not to kill your starter. Do you have a fridge? Can you remember to do a 10 minute task, once or twice a month? If yes, you’re golden. If not, you probably shouldn’t have pets either.

Why am I going on about Sourdough?

I made Sourdough Pancakes this morning for breakfast. And it was my Birthday.

And the connection?

Being the wise old age of 49 today, I have a few years to think back upon. And I’ve been thinking.

It really doesn’t matter how you do life, just do it. There are some Life’s Truths that you are better off heeding, but it’s not always clear what’s Life’s Truths and what is someone’s add-on.

Live it and when something works, go with it.

Create your own flavor of life.

And always have Sourdough Pancakes for your Birthday.

P.S. Today was awesome. Thanks to Social Media, I got more Birthday wishes that I have ever got before. I’m feeling pretty good. Almost looking forward to number 50. Almost.

Day 83

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