Now is Better than Perfect

Hey Kids,

I mentioned the other day at work about wanting to make Biscuits and Garvey for dinner. I was asked if I made my own biscuits, to which I replied, “No, Pillsbury is fine with me; and makes the task less complicated.” I like to cook, but in the evenings, it’s also nice to relax.

I received scoffs from one particular person who explained how he would never do canned biscuits. Another agreed and told me how it wasn’t that hard to do.

I make my own Sourdough bread. I’m not afraid to make bread products.

Anyway I proceeded with my original plan and made Biscuits and Gravy for dinner last night. The canned biscuits were easily subdued by the delicious gravy and sausage (if I say so myself).biscuit-md

I wonder when the last time those other two, both Southerners, had Biscuits and Gravy. Although not perfect, I, the Northern boy, had it last night.

It don’t have to be perfect or to anyone else’s standards. Do what you want when you want and how you want. The world will just keep you waiting and tell you how you did it wrong.

Just do it.


Day 75

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