A Good Time To Come Along

Hey Kids,

You know what’s cool? Living in an age where almost any piece of information is available within minutes on the Internet. (Remember when we called it the “Web” or the Information Super Highway?)

I check the online weather radar on the days when we have storms moving though and try to skirt home between the downpours. It worked great today.

on-the-internet-nobody-knows-youre-a-dog-memeCan’t remember some name or factoid? Google what you know and you’re an instant genius.

TED talks. A bunch of them are full of crap, but I learn constantly by streaming them at my desk as I do data entry.

Today I heard about a WWII story that I had never heard before. Looked it up, found out some details, learned of a detailed book of the event, and pondered the thought of writing a future book about it. Without the internet, it would’ve been a passive story that I half-understood and most likely forgot before I had a chance to research.

I think some of the things from the past are sorely missed and I wonder how life passed in old west times. However, I’m thankful to live in this day and age where the world and all its wonders are right there on my screen.

And to think how cool I thought digital watches were when they first came out.


Day 74

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