Saturday Blues?

Hey Kids,

Saturday. The day of fun. Right?IMG_20150502_110834_269-1

Well not exactly. It should’ve been fun but it hasn’t been so far.

Started bright and early this morning and went out to do a little maintenance on the Suzuki. Valve clearance adjustment, it’s called. A nasty little job unless you do it all the time. I don’t.

But I had done it before so it shouldn’t be too problematic. Right?

Well, I didn’t remember so well from last time and spent a lot of time figuring things out. But I did it. Figure it out that is. Got down to the rocker arms and did the adjusting as required. It was obvious that it was needed too. That’s always good. Except that it means that it’s been a while since it actually needed it and it was more a repair than maintenance. But I digress.

As I put it together, I took my time and cleaned as I went. Polished it all up right pretty.

Started it up.

It sounded worse than when I started the job, err, maintenance. Ran no better either. And now. the Fuel Injection Warning light is on. Which means I need to take another Saturday and do it all over.

This would be a sad story, but for once in my life I own another motorcycle I can ride instead. You see, in terms of bikes, I’m a Commodore. I’ve never had that flexibility before. The pressure has always been to get it all done quickly because it can’t sit. There’s places to get to, jobs waiting. What a relief.

AND, tonight, we are now heading out into the west desert for a little night under the stars, cook out in the morning and hopefully Kayaking in a remote Bird refuge with large open water ponds tomorrow. The desert is truly remarkable.

So I’m washed up, tools put away, and ready to pack the gear and head west.

Saturday may not have been as productive as I hope, but it’ll end with a bang and really, no harm done.

That is a good day on any day.


Day 68

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