Movie Time Watching

popcorn_jf10_310 (2)Hey Kids,

We went to the movies last night. They showed a Frozen short. I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike Frozen any more than I already did. I was wrong.

People watching at the movies gives an interesting glimpse into my fellow humans. A few thoughts:

I’ll show up late on occasion but I am astounded by the number of people who come in significantly late and show no remorse for being disruptive. If the previews have already started, be quick, quietly apologetic, and don’t stand directly in front of me and watch the screen.popcorn

I’m tight so I never buy the over-priced food. On occasion I’ll spring for the popcorn. I know we all have our quirks about our spending habits, but paying more for the crappy treats than I spend for the tickets themselves strikes me as wrong. Other than being told it does, I don’t see how popcorn enhances the experience. Not even a truck load of popcorn.

Is a refill on that truck load of popcorn really necessary? And if it is, what is the best time and way to get that refill? Binge eat the whole tub once you find your seat and refill during previews? Pace yourself so that the tub empties as the plot slows, run out to the lobby and refill, missing only 10-15 minutes of the dull filler scenes but rearmed for the big ending? Or refill on your way out for the ride home and the NetFlix after-party?

Do you clap at the end of a good movie? Disney movie last night. Feel good ending. Lots of families. I expected clapping. None. Yet I’ve seen a Star Trek movie explode in a wild foray of cheers once. Go figure.

Phones. Put the phone away. Enjoy the moment. And if you must, check it to see if it’s the baby sitter and then put it away. Or if circumstances demand, go to the lobby, make the call, text, or snap chat, and get your popcorn refill at the same time.popcorn_jf10_310 (2)

If you’re a leaver due to phone addiction, mid-movie popcorn refills, or you have a small or weak bladder, please get the seats on the end of the row. Not the middle. There are not enough “sorry’s” and “excuse me’s” to make it right.

But how and whatever you do, enjoy the movie.



Day 23

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