An Act of Kindness

Hey kids,

I don’t mean to make more of something than it is. And it was just a car show. About 40-50 cars and maybe 18 bikes.IMG_20150301_103819_659

All nice. All people’s efforts, sometimes love. Which I know is somewhat silly to some. But I understand.

I used to have cars that I cared for very much. Maybe even love. But that is not what I have now. Nor what I had was anything to be featured in a car show.

That brings me back to today.

I don’t have the means to enjoy a muscle car, equipped with a big motor, clean paint, and fancy modifications. So I extend a thank you to those who not only have, but are willing to share their loves with someone like me.

It’s a reminder. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works.

It’s not showing off, it’s an act of kindness to others.


Day 6


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