Dad’s Can Do Almost Anything

super-dad-shirtHey Kids!

I know that dreams are just dreams, but I know that they are also windows into your true thoughts and feelings. And sometimes a truth that you need to hear. I had such a dream last night, right as the morning dawned. I sprang out of bed so I wouldn’t forget it. Nor lose the feeling I had at the moment.

Parent Alienation is a real thing. It’s hurtful, hateful and permanently damaging. Are there times children are better off by being kept from their mom and/or dad? Sure. There are exceptions to any rule. But under normal circumstances, no. Mom’s can’t be dad’s and dad’s can’t be mom’s. Each can compensate for the other but not entirely. Same-sex marriages? I have no comment because I don’t know. I’m not, and have not been, in one. But I’m sure there’s other dimensions that are different from traditional marriages with kids. Not really the area of expertise for me.

But a Parent denying the love, support, and involvement of another parent is inexcusable. Completely. And it can be done in more than one way. Sometimes obviously. Sometimes subtly.

A parent can be near helpless. When visitations are denied. Calls aren’t returned. Messages ignored. Doors not opened. Holidays forsaken. Entire family relations severed. Thank you’s withheld. Courts uninterested. And all contact becomes restricted, controlled and rare through the custodial parent. The answers are few.

The boy in the dream asked, “What can you do?”. The father, who at long last is allowed to answer, responded. “I’m a dad, I can do almost anything.”

In that thought I have hope. I believe that. I truly do. All roads may not be open. But all are not closed.

Be a dad. Do almost anything.

I can do that. I’m a dad.

*Drops mic. Leaves stage.*

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