What’s the Point?


To climb a mountain. Why?

To exercise? What for?

To work hard? For what?

To deal with life? To what end?

When it comes down to it, there really is no answer that works for everyone. And there’s really no reason at all to push yourself. In fact, life would that you don’t. Don’t believe me?

Tell someone you’re on a diet. See how long before you’re told that it won’t work, or you’re not doing it right; not giving up enough stuff, eating the wrong things.

Start a new exercise program. You won’t be doing it long enough, at the wrong time of the day, or you’ll hear some story about someone who, despite being fit, died at a young age.

Set a goal. It’ll be too high, or too low.

Write something. You spelled it wrong or you’ll be told how they should do it too, you know since writing is so easy- a monkey can do it.

You see, no one wants to see you do something out of the ordinary or accomplish something.

I don’t think it’s always mean, but it’s discouraging. And ultimately, the naysayers are right.

There’s always a better way to diet and exercise. There’s always a taller mountain. There’s always someone who worked less and got more. There’s always a better way, someone more accomplished, or a threat of failure and total humiliation.

So what’s the point?

What is it? You know what makes you feel good. You know whether a challenge is rewarding to struggle for. You’re the one that has to tough it out; do the work. You’re the one that has to live with the results.

Don’t let perfection stop you. Go for it. For you. For your reasons. Climb your mountains, set your goals, do what you want to do and do it because you want to. Just be prepared to be asked, “Why? What’s the point?”

You don’t owe anyone an answer, but if you don’t know, ain’t no one going to be able to explain it to you.

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