On the Subject of Olympics and Being Fourth

fn-across-the-board03Shaun White finished fourth in the Half Pipe event. The event in which he has won Gold for the past two Olympics.


That would be fourth in the world.

Am I fourth best in the world in anything? No.

Is anyone that has since spoken like fourth in the world is a disaster, fourth best in the world in anything? Probably not.

I, of course, mean all the people who talk of Shaun White’s fourth place, “non-medal” finish with a tone of disgust, a hint of ridicule, or the scent of failure.

He’s fourth best in the world after reigning for the past 8 years as #1. I still say Wow! That is incredible! Congrats!

If you are not still in awe, check yourself. Fourth out of 7,000,000,000 ain’t too bad and a whole lot better than I could have done.

Thanks Shaun. Thanks for going for it on that last run. Thanks for congratulating #1,2, & 3 when it was all done. Thanks for the fun over all these years.

BTW- Everyone rightfully went nuts for Erin Hamlin who finished third in the women’s Luge: the first American Individual Luge Medal ever. I guess according to some, we can only be happy for Silver and Gold in those events now.

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