It’s Christmas Time

It officially Christmas Season now that Thanksgiving is over and it’s December. No one can really argue anymore. No more complaining about Carols on the radio, at least about being played out of season. Christmas displays in the store are now acceptable, lights on houses are safe from mocking, and Christmas Tree Stands are relatively free from being blamed as being too early to be fire hazards.

I love the Christmas season.
I’m broke as hell. I have no real contact with my children (their choice, not mine), Nothing is different for me from last month. I have no more money or things and expect to gain no more from this season. But I love it.

It’s one month where ordinary things are made pretty. Lights make the nights bright, and my reflections turn to a hope of a better world than it was just a few days before.
I love wising people Merry Christmas. A great reason to openly wish others good will. I love watching the excitement of others, both giving and receiving. Any joy added to the collective mood of the world is welcomed to me.

Enjoy the season with me. Enjoy what you have and what you have. Don’t get caught up in what material things you wish you had. But don’t be afraid to hope or things that would truly make you happy. I pray to a Superior Being that I hope only will grant those things that help and not hurt.

I pray that I get to see my kids again, to hold just one of my kids again and to feel them hug me back.
I pray this world moves towards being like the place I see my world becomes this month.
I pray that people find their light of hope in the dark places of their life.
I pray we all find something for which to smile and maybe even laugh.

I pray we all experience a Merry Christmas Season.

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