If Ever the Twain Should Meet

Hey Kids,

Wasting a few hours… err, minutes on Facebook today and I came across one of those irresistible click-bait postings. Most I can easily avoid because I don’t care what Disney character or X-men personalities I am most like. But today I had to do it: “Rare images nearly forgotten in the past”.

I have a thing for old stuff and the photos are the best. They make us realize the differences between then and now. The clothes, the cars, and the places around them. The old photos also have an aura of creepy about them. I don’t know if it’s the black and white finish or the non-practiced-selfie unnatural pose and expressions but the people seem even more separated from their photos as the aged photos are from us.


Twain in the lab of Tesla

In the middle of this 89 photo collection, however, I found a gem- my favorite author Mark Twain hanging out with my favorite genius/inventor Nikola Tesla.

Who know they know each other? Funny though. Twain was a crowd favorite on the stage and engaging the interest of all around him, yet he was a failed inventor. Tesla was arguably the most ingenious inventor yet lacked the public skills to properly demonstrate the scope of his vision.

What could’ve happened if the two had actually been one?

Too bad they didn’t have Facebook to follow each other better back then.


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Birthday Week- Thursday

Hey Kids,

It’s Thursday on my Birthday Week and I’m still listing the things I thankful for and the things that make getting older, worth it.

Thursday- Writing.

I’m not all that sentimental or hocus pocus-y when it comes to writing. I have my weird things I do, but no charms, tokens, or rituals. I simply enjoy writing. That’s it. And for that I’m thankful.

Me at 15 in Alaska looking for gold.

Me at 15 in Alaska looking for gold.

From roaming the western deserts with my dad, to working at a gold mine in Alaska, there are a few things that I’ve seen that I want to share. God gave me the eye to see the stories around me, to think of them in terms to explain to others. I have enough brain to be able to string words together into coherent thoughts and sentences.

I struggled with English in school, yet somehow it made sense to me when I learned French.

I resisted reading when I was young yet found authors like Twain, Hemingway, and London that captured my imagination.

I feared writing yet found a voice in learning to speak in Toastmasters and other public speaking occasions.

I hope I have many more birthdays between now and when I think I’m done writing. Which will only stop when I stop breathing.


Day 80