A Bad/Good Good Bye

Hey kids,

Today I attended a funeral service for a staff member, Angela.

It’s the second time an active member of my team that has passed on my watch and the third team member for whom I have attended services.

I don’t feel this should be part of the job but apparently it’s life.

Angela had been sick for a while and had suffered a number of strokes and heart problems in the past few months. I already knew she would not return to the crew but I didn’t expect her passing until the last week, the last few days really.

I never know what to say at these things but I did feel it was my part to represet her work life. I told a few stories. We laughed. We cried. In the end I noted how she’ll be missed.

She really will. I modeled a character after Angela. She was a huge personality. She impacted my life.

The church official did not know her so well. He mentioned how he wished he had known her better, or at least in the same way that those of us shared.

He ended on the note that he would take away from this service the importance of taking the time to get to know people around us beyond the surface level, beyond the guarded exterior most of us construct. He urged us to do the same.

I’m guilty of the same with many people around me. Angela I knew. How many Angela’s could I know?

I’ll miss that girl. The crew will never be quite the same.

I felt sad to say good-bye but good to see so many people she touched that I never knew she had. It warmed my heart to know I won’t be the only person who will always remember Angela.


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