Getting to Know the Neighbors

Hey kids!

I actually escaped today! There is no invisible barrier to my escape from this valley. I took the now functioning-fine truck over the mountain and into Vernal Utah.

I got a good look around at what is available in Vernal, which is about 45 miles away. It has pretty much anything and everything I could ever need. I got my groceries restocked a d a few other needs taken care of. It’s a good resource to have relatively close.

Coming back towards Flaming Gorge I saw many, many deer neighbors. And closer to camp, the elk were back. I stopped and tried to have a chat with them, but they were uninterested. I enjoyed them none the less.

Upon reaching camp, I have new camper neighbors. Dale is from Maine and now, Denver and has fished this river for years. Tim and David are also from Colorado. Tim is a past ultra marathon runner who has hiked the entire length of the three sections of this part of the Green River. And David owns an exotic car dealership. They also said that they saw a moose passed by earlier. I would have loved to seen that.

This morning, along with the song birds, turkey calls and chukkar clucks filled the air.

I’m really liking my neighborhood and the neighbors within.

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